All of my soffit vents on the second story (colonial home) were completely covered with insulation. The bathroom exhausts were vented into the attic. After using another company for mold remediation, Attic-Air then correctly vented the bathroom exhaust fans through the attic to the outside. Next, they added additional soffit vents, cut the existing wood soffit vents to make them larger and installed baffles in the attic to prevent the insulation from covering the vents again. We also had an attic fan added to help remove the heat in the attic during the hot summer months.  Last, they added new insulation and it was brought up 24″ from the original 8″ of insulation. The team did an excellent job. They were winder time, all the bedrooms are now warmer as a result of the added insulation. I don’t remember the exact date we hired them of the amount we paid. I think it has been 2 years.

-Susan Aubrey