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Proper insulation and ventilation of your home plays a critical role in its comfort, economy and safety. Even seemingly minor breaches in your homes insulation and ventilation can have a dramatic impact – you may notice drafts in the winter, heat and humidity in the summer, escalating energy bills, and potentially even harmful effects such as mold, moisture damage and rot. Attic Air is an insulation company that specializes in evaluating your home to ensure that it is properly ventilated and insulated, and the evaluation is free.

Since 1996, Attic Air has earned a reputation for providing effective solutions for your insulation and ventilation needs. Led by Robert Carroll, who has over 30 years of experience in the industry, The Attic Air team takes great pride in providing knowledgeable, professional service to every one of our customers.

If you have noticed an increase in your energy bills, cold or hot spots, or other signs of potential problems with your home’s insulation and ventilation, call us today for a free evaluation. You can reach us at 630-830-3870.


Attic Air has over 30 years experience working with insulation and attic ventilation. We have an A+ rating with BBB and have received Angie’s List Super Service Award each year, since 2007!

If you are looking for a reliable insulation company that offers attic insulation and attic ventilation, including attic fans, roof vents, wholehouse fans, bathroom exhaust fans and more, you can count on Attic Air to do a professional job at a great price!

We service all of Chicago and suburbs.  Estimates are always free.


Proper Attic Insulation can dramatically improve the comfort of living spaces.  And can reduce utility bills by as much as 30 percent.

We use PRO-PINK® L77 Loosefill Insulation because it provides increased coverage, faster application and the highest rated R-value per inch, thanks to Owens Corning’s advanced fiberizing technology.


As summer approaches, why not get ahead of the heat.  If your attic is not properly ventilated, you can be sure you are running your air conditioner longer and harder.

An attic fan coupled with good intake vents, can keep your attic cool. This means rooms will stay cooler longer and you extend the life of your air conditioner, all while cutting your utility bill!

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According to the Department of Energy a Whole House Fan is the most cost efficient way to cool your home!

Utilizing a wholehouse fan in conjunction with your air conditioner is another affordable way to reduce your summer cooling cost. And an effective way to circulate fresh air in your home, year round.

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When it comes to exhausting the moist air in your bathroom, there is a right way and a wrong way.

The Wrong Way:

Never exhaust warm, moist bathroom air into your attic. The moisture over time will lead to mold and mildew. If unaddressed for some time, it can damage wood structures costing thousands of dollars in damages.

The Right Way:

Bathroom exhaust should always be routed externally and connected to a damper roof cap that blocks reentry.

We only install bathroom fans the right way!  And we can help correct fans that are installed the wrong way!

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We Offer a Variety of Fan Options


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Attic Air Receives 2017 “Best of HomeAdvisor” Award

We are pleased to announce that Attic Air has been named a recipient of 2017 Best of HomeAdvisor Award.

Top-Notch Professionals

This award honors top-notch professionals who provide extraordinary quality, service, and value in the home improvement and maintenance industries.

Award Criteria

Winners are chosen by their Rating & Reviews average based on three criteria:

  • Quality
  • Superior work practices
  • Service
  • Commitment to providing the best assistance
  • Value
  • Fair price for the quality of work performed and services provided.

All winners had the highest ranked ratings and reviews within the entire HomeAdvisor network.

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Attic Air – Now Offering QuietCool Wholehouse Fans

We are pleased to announce that Attic Air now carries QuietCool Wholehouse fans.

Want To Cut Your Cooling Costs?

QuietCool Whole house fans can dramatically reduce your summer cooling costs. According to the manufacturer, you could reduce the use of your air conditioner up to 90%.

Indoor Air Quality

Not only does a wholehouse fan reduce cooling costs, it can also keep your home smelling fresh and improve indoor air quality.

Free On-Site Assessment

We are offering free on-site attic assessment and proposals. Call and schedule today!


  • This review actually covers 4 different jobs I did with Robert and his crew.

    Robert knows his trade as well as anyone I’ve met, and I always felt completely satisfied with his suggested approach. He and his crew are fast, hard workers and extremely professional. They make sure things are done properly and completely. As an example of the quality standards they set:

    They spent a couple of hours on a day where they ended up not doing the work and rescheduling after traveling all the way out to the house and setting up, just to make sure it was done correctly (we had another contractor that needed to fix some previous work, to avoid negatively impacting the quality of the insulation job). Robert would take pictures of things that weren’t correct, take the time to carefully explain why – and whether or not they could correct it themselves. I have no negatives to report at all, I wish all experiences with home contractors were like this.

    -John Farnsworth

    January 10, 2016
  • Installed a new bathroom fan, and vented the fan and another existing fan outside. Very quick, very professional, and a job well done.

    -Jessica Easterday

    January 22, 2016
  • They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Extremely efficient and clean staff. Would highly recommend.

    -Catherine Carlo

    December 03, 2015
  • Attic-Air added blown in insulation to the west side attic of the house. They also installed a bath vent in one of the bathrooms. In the central attic, they added missing insulation and popped up two boards so that air could flow from the western attic to the central attic. They also opened up the soffits to allow more airflow into the attic.

    Attic-Air came and did the estimate. Robert was very professional. He provided the estimate. Robert was very professional. He provided the estimate. Robert was very professional. He provided the estimate via email. He covered all the things I wanted done and answered all my questions. We set up a date for Attic-Air to come. They arrived on schedule. They installed the bath vent fan like I wanted and gave me a separate switch for it. They blew insulation into the cathedral ceiling as well as over the western attic space to bring the whole west side of the house to current code. After finishing up Attic-Air removed the tarps they had laid down and swept up the areas they had worked in for dust and loose insulation. I paid Attic-Air upon completion of their work.

    -Michael Malm

    December 15, 2015
  • From the start of the process to the completion, I couldn’t be happier with service I received from Robert Carroll and his Attic-Air crew. It impressed me that not only did Robert bid the project, he also showed up with the crew and worked right along with them until completion of the job. As a not very handy senior citizen, I appreciated that Robert at no extra cost to me, took the time to wrap my water heater pipes and repair some foil wrap on my HVAC unit located in the attic. He is honest, straightforward, no hard sell, no frills guy. The crew arrived on time and completed the job efficiently in 3 1/2 hours. They left the place cleaner than when they arrived. I highly recommend this company for any attic needs. They do outstanding work.

    -Francis Moore

    November 05, 2015
  • About to undergo a full repainting of the interior of my home but have been experiencing problems with peeling paint from the ceiling in various spots. It was definitely not a leaky roof as the spots were dry and not discolored. The painter I had come over for an estimate suggested it might be a humidity/ventilation issue in the attic. Contacted Attic-Air to come out and make an inspection before painting begins. Robert went up into my attic and didn’t find any major problems. While it was comforting to know that the peeling paint was not the result of some major issue, it is a bit frustrating to not know what the real cause was. Quirks of the house I guess. Robert gave me a full explanation of what he did see and there was no cause for concern on my part. I appreciate his time and the explanation and did not charge me for the service call.

    -Steve Waranauskas

    November 7, 2015
  • The team arrived on time and inspected the broken bathroom fan. They provided options and because my mother-in-law wanted a better fan than the old one. She selected an upgrade model. The fan was installed in 15-20 minutes. They did a great job of cleaning up when the work was complete. I have used Attic-Air previously and would use them again.

    -Gary Gibas

    November 10. 2015
  • Recommended by Mold Solutions. Robert was helpful, honest, and itemized the proposal so that I could choose what I wanted or needed because we were going to have the roof done and siding redone and didn’t need everything. He had good ideas and preformed the work in accordance with my desires and specifications. I was very pleased.

    -Dean Arnold

    October 1, 2015
  • Robert was very personable and professional. Gave me an honest opinion of what may or may not be possible in my bathroom. Sent me a written quote by mail which was very reasonable. Also very obviously a highly skilled professional who knew his stuff. We were scheduled within two weeks.

    On the day it turned out that additional venting to exterior wall wasn’t possible due to obstruction of the gutter, but his 3 technicians kept me informed at every stage.  Arrived on time, were courteous, and cleaned up afterwards. Installed a new bathroom fan, and have found the moisture levels in my bathroom much improved. I would highly recommend this company.


    -Andrew Root

    October 2, 2015
  • Service was great, they installed two new bath fans and vented them properly through the roof, they removed old eave vents, enlarged the openings and added an additional nine vents.

    -James Horwedel

    October 13, 2015
  • I had Attic aid do three things in my house attic:

    1) remove and haul away ceiling tiles and vinyl paneling on attic walls plus remove and haul away original 1959 insulation for a cost of $1,650

    2) supply and install my first-ever bathroom fan costing $545

    3) supply blown insulation and put it under attic floor for the cost of $1,380.

    (Total cost for all labor and supplies was $3,575)

    Owner and his employees were professional, pleasant, and answered all my questions patiently. Everything listed on the contract was done excellently.

    -Mary Conner

    October 13, 2015
  • All of my soffit vents on the second story (colonial home) were completely covered with insulation. The bathroom exhausts were vented into the attic. After using another company for mold remediation, Attic-Air then correctly vented the bathroom exhaust fans through the attic to the outside. Next, they added additional soffit vents, cut the existing wood soffit vents to make them larger and installed baffles in the attic to prevent the insulation from covering the vents again. We also had an attic fan added to help remove the heat in the attic during the hot summer months.  Last, they added new insulation and it was brought up 24″ from the original 8″ of insulation. The team did an excellent job. They were winder time, all the bedrooms are now warmer as a result of the added insulation. I don’t remember the exact date we hired them of the amount we paid. I think it has been 2 years.

    -Susan Aubrey

    September 29, 2015


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