Attic Air Testimonials

At Attic Air, we’re incredibly proud of our reputation for providing excellent service to each of our customers, and we love hearing from each of you about your experiences. Below are just a few examples of the great feedback that we get each day:


The owner, Robert Carroll, came to my house last week. He inspected my attic on a hot day free of charge. I noticed some yellow staining on my bathroom ceiling and wasn’t sure what caused it. Robert moved some insulation around to cover a large section of bare drywall above the bathroom ceiling. He suspects that’s what the problem was. He could have been dishonest and given me a huge estimate of things that had to be done. I’m grateful for this man of integrity.

It has certainly been a fresh air working with a company that takes great pride and honor in their work. You just don’t find that any more. Thank you, Robert, staff, and crew.

– Alisia W.

June 30, 2022

I do not write many reviews but Attic Air really deserves one! Robert came out and quoted us. This was our third quote and the most professional experience. They were not the lowest price but right in there. It also comes down to feel, comfort level, plus REVIEWS. We hired them and like clockwork, they showed up at 830am on the designated day 3 or 4 weeks later with 3 big trucks. We had a squirrel issue and they had a party up there sadly ruining the insulation and leaving us presents. They removed all our old insulation in the attic, sprayed to sanitize, replaced it with much better and thicker stuff (Better R-Value), and cleaned it all up. As a crazy nice bonus, they even replaced a bulb at the top of a stairwell that I would need scaffolding to get to. How nice of them!!!! Next up was Alex who I believe was the foreman. He explained what was being done at each step and had me check the work at each point. Alex also deserves Kudos for being so on the ball and professional.

Last thing and a very important one! They left our house as clean as when they entered!!! When does that ever happen with a contactor!??!! ALMOST NEVER! Well, it just did! Thank you, Robert, Alex, and all at Attic Air for the stellar work!

– Steve

June 29, 2022

The crew of three from Attic Air who installed two new bathroom exhaust fans were great! It is unbelievable that none of the previous owners of our house (built in 1975) had ever vented these fans to the roof, which made the attic more prone to mold, humidity, etc. One of the gentlemen went up to the roof, another was in the attic and the third attached the fans inside the bathrooms, all working together beautifully. I think the entire project lasted maybe two hours? Have never HAD to have this done, since other houses we’ve owned already HAD bathroom fans vented to the roof, so we figured it would take at least half a day, not two hours! Very talented team, left the areas worked cleaner than they found them. Also – the fans used very high quality, nice-looking and quiet. Highly recommend!

– Karen J.

June 11, 2022

LOVE LOVE LOVE Attic Air.  Robert (the owner) is prompt to respond.  His guys are quick!  We had them install attic fans and a whole house fan over the last year.  Each install took under 2 hours and they cleaned up after themselves.  I highly recommend their professional service!

They guys forgot one piece of our whole house fan (not critical) and the owner, Robert, came out the next day to drop it off.

He is very friendly and was so kind to our pup.

When the need comes, I’m using Attic Air again without hesitation.

– Linda C.

May 18, 2022

We are extremely pleased with having a new attic fan installed today. The install went very smooth and we could not be happier with having Attic Air coming out.

– Jim W.

May 13, 2022

Fast, friendly service, got insulation blown in and a fan installed in the attic. Reasonably priced, good people. Thank you!

– Pan W.

May 11, 2022

Attic Air came highly recommended by a Facebook group for my town. I called them, prepared to spend thousands to insulate my attic after another company told me it all had to be removed and redone. Robert was great, such a nice guy. He took a look and said, the insulation was fine. No problems at all. He noted a couple issues that could be fixed but it wasn’t much, and could easily be done myself. He even guessed the exact company that gave me the shady quote. He said flat out, his business is to sell me insulation, and I just didn’t need it.

I am grateful for his honesty and will always recommend this company to anyone who needs work done!

– Jeff

March 3, 2022

I was extremely happy that I ended up choosing them for our insulation update in our house. The initial quote was thorough and offered a lot of flexibility for our options to pursue, and once we agreed to the work, the team arrived on time and got the work done efficiently! They were very careful in the house and attic and had me inspect each attic before moving on — would absolutely recommend for any insulation or attic fan needs you have!

– Kevin L.

February 28th, 2022

Robert from Attic Air came out to my house. Answered all my questions, very professional. I was happy with my quote and booked an appointment.

The crew showed up on time, how often does that happen nowadays. Crew leader Alex walked me through the game plan. Outside crew was extremely efficient. Inside crew did a great job. Job site was left very clean, I was not expecting that! I had 11 soffits cut out, an attic that needed insulation badly, brought level up to R60. Had a room adjacent to garage done as well. One of the crew even fixed my access door! Thank you! We are super satisfied and already notice a big difference. I can honestly say from first phone call until completion of project, Attic Air made it so easy, no headaches ! I’m glad to write this letter and compliment the fine work performed. What an overall great experience!

– Mike P.

February 27, 2022

Rob with Attic Air came to my home in November to give me a quote to properly insulate my attic. Rob’s encounter was informative and very professional. His prices were also very reasonable compared to a competitor I had spoke with just the day before.

Fast forward to today, Attic Air arrived ON TIME (a bit earlier) in two trucks. One crew worked on the outside of my home to remove soffit panels while the other crew worked in the attic to properly vent a bathroom exhaust fan, connect electricity to the attic fan, and insulate the attic. The crew was efficient and very professional. In all it took a little over two hours. They answered all of my questions and recommended installation of a door tent (which I bought) as well. I am satisfied and happy with Attic Air and will definitely be using them moving forward.

– Natalie N.

January 9, 2021

Really impressed with this business. They came out and worked super fast and fixed our vents. We ran into a small issue with a noise and the owner came out the day after Christmas to fix it for us. They are very professional and stand by their work. We need more businesses like this.

– Gretchen P.

December 26, 2020

Attic Air is fantastic! My wife and I had some concerns about the ventilation in our attic after we conducted a home inspection. I called Robert at Attic Air and he called me back immediately to schedule a time to look at our attic the very next day, which I was incredibly grateful for.

Robert showed up exactly at the scheduled time and took a look in our attic. It turns our our ventilation is absolutely fine with no issues related to venting or insulation.

Robert spent a sizable amount of time explaining to us that our particular issue was related to us running our humidifier to high and that lowering the humidifier would solve our issue.

When I asked how much I owe for the call and for Robert’s diagnosis he said we owed nothing. I offered to pay something more than once and he politely declined.

If you are looking for ventilation help from an honest and experienced company we highly recommend Robert at Attic Air.

Patrick G.

December 18, 2020

Great service! Received a quick and reasonable quote and they scheduled as soon as time permitted. Workers were on time and all wore masks! They were all very professional, were quick and cleaned up! We had something on our quote that didn’t end up needing to be done, they took it right off our bill which we appreciated as we wouldn’t have known if they charged and didn’t actually do the work. Honest company and we will give them more business in the future.

– Monica M.

December 7, 2020

I am writing this review based on my initial interaction and consult with Attic Air (Rob).

I have not agreed to nor have I had services done at this time, but my interaction with Rob, when he came for the quote, was nothing short of amazing! He knew what he was doing and offered great advice not only with my attic concerns but with things totally unrelated to my attic needs. He seems to be a very genuine person and for that I am writing the review.

Thanks for your time and authenticity, Rob! I look forward to working with you soon.

– Natalie E.

November 7, 2020

The crew showed up early, they were professional, they cleaned up after themselves and most importantly they did a beautiful job insulating our attic. Robert Carroll was easy to communicate with and easy to schedule with. The final price matched what was quoted. I would highly recommend this company for insulation work.

– DaShan W.

October 21, 2020

Robert was great to work with! Professional, punctual, and very nice.  Would definitely use again and recommend to others!

– Amy F.

September 15, 2020

Very professional. Prompt response, reasonable price, very competent service, shows up on time, excellent product line. Actually started out as a request to reduce humidity in attic. Robert came out and stated that one good solution is simply reduce the humidity in the house, but If I wanted I could install a fan. At that point he was really was recommending no action (no cost to me of course). About a year later we had a silverfish problem, and the exterminator indicated that they are in the attic and like moisture, so anything I can do to reduce moisture in the attic would help. As pests are not welcome in this house at all…..Called Robert back and arranged for an attic fan. He gave me a couple choices, indicating advantages (or not), and we went with it. Some delays from the manufacturer (probably covid related, as it has clobbered supply chains), but Robert kept me in the loop the entire time. I’d go back to Attic Air/Robert for any future work w/o bothering for other opinions. Thanks Robert!!!! The fan is really cool. Bluetooth connection. It has multiple settings (automatic and manual), measures temp and humidity. No more going into the attic to see if its still working. Yay!

– Arnie C.

August 21, 2020

Robert and his team are great. They installed a bathroom  fan exhaust and installation into two attics of my split level house. They were efficient, clean and very courteous. Very nice to work with and very honest. Reduced my quoted price due to not having to do as much work as expected.  You will be very happy working with them.

– Jim L.

August 16, 2020

I had Attic Air come add blow-in insulation over my existing batt insulation and fix an issue with my soffits. They did an excellent job and I can feel the difference. My AC runs less and the temperature upstairs is staying much more consistent. Thanks!

– Matt G.

July 25, 2020

Awesome team. Rich is very professional. Great work! 5 stars service!

Bill F

July 21, 2020

Attic Air absolutely lived up to their reputation. They did a GREAT job! I did my research in creating a short list of 3 bidders for the job. I have a bi-level house (4 levels) with 2 attics. We had black mold on the underside of the roof which we had remediated a week before having Attic Air come in to fix our ventilation and insulation issues. Our upstairs floor was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. The attic ventilation and insulation needed to get fixed, and I wanted to make sure I hired a good company to do it the right way so I never had to worry about it again. I made the right choice. The temperature throughout the house is so much more even now. Before Attic Air came out, the basement and sub-basement were freezing and the first and second floors were warm and hot. My over-sized top of the line Trane a/c unit was working overdrive to try to cool the 2nd floor and never could do it. The top floor is so much cooler now than before. It’s really going to save my a/c unit in the long run. Attic Air was not the lowest bid of the 3, but you get what you pay for. If you want to get the best quality this is the company you want. I would haven’t have changed a thing. Worth every penny!

– Steve B.

July 15, 2020

These guys are great! I’ve had Attic Air out twice. Once when I first moved in and needed to fix some bathroom fan venting issues (during which they diagnosed an attic fan issue that they were able to fix immediately). At the time, they recommended increasing my attic insulation and opening the soffit vents. I held off for a year to see how the house was first. Even with AC on our upstairs would get well over 80 on hot days. Brought the team at Attic Air out this spring to finally do the insulation and vents. Today it was 91 and my upstairs maxed out at a cool 73 degrees. I can’t believe the difference! Well worth every penny. Excellent service, quality work, super clean and thorough, and fair pricing.

– Sky O.

June 6, 2020

Great attention to detail, excellent communication. I personally appreciate any opportunity to learn new things about our hundred-year-old house which, now thanks to these guys, has proper ventilation installed in both attic and basement bathrooms – upgrade!! – these guys raise the benchmark impossibly high for any other contractors – breath of fresh air (pun intended), superb attitude and diligence in every aspect of the job!

– Dimitri G.

April 21, 2020

Prompt, knowledgeable, and reasonable pricing. Provided four professional employees to complete: removal of old attic insulation, install new attic wall insulation, blow in fiberglass insulation between the floor boards, and blow in an over layer to achieve R49.  Accomplished this work on a Saturday morning, in a little under 3 hrs. Awesome service.

The second floor of my 100+ year old home has never been more comfortable. Highly recommended.

– Brian W.

February 18, 2020

Outstanding service and attention to detail on the installation and service. Took care of a warranty issue the same day that we called. We highly recommend Attic Air.

– Jeff W.

January 30, 2020

The owner is like your next door neighbor – if you like them. Very friendly and professional. He has a great vibe to him. His workers just left my house. My back attic was insulated, plus turtle vents put on the roof. Also had my dryer and two bathroom duct work was redone. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and their friendly attitude. He showed me exactly what they were doing and how they did it. His estimate was under two others I had received. I like the professional attitude but not when it’s all business when they come into my home. Robert actually reminded me of my uncle. You won’t go wrong with him or his workers. Lil Alex and Jerry were the best. Their attitude was to come in do a professional job, but also held conversation and a few laughs. They did my insulation and cut the holes for the vents. Alex, yes another Alex, did the roof vent insulation. He was very professional and towards the end he cracked a smile. I can’t say enough about Attic Air. You won’t go wrong with them.

– Wendy R.

January 6, 2020

Attic Air installed the venting for two bathroom fans in the home we were buying.  2 months after we moved in, there was a bit of leaking in the ceiling near the fan. I called to let them know and Rob, the owner, quickly found time to come take a look. Super friendly, personable and pleasant in addition to no nonsense and straight to the point.  Make a long story short, his work was not the source of our leak but he came out again and cut open my bathroom ceiling and tried to identify the source. He spent hours with me and I was so thankful for  all he did to help me solve my problem.  My point is, if you need any attic work or ventilation, Rob is a fantastic guy and you will be in good, honest and experienced hands.  Top quality company and owner.

Bill F.

December 6, 2019

I hired attic air to vent my soffits, install one bath fan and vent another, and insulate the entire attic.  They removed incorrectly previously installed insulation.  They had me look at the attic when it was done.  Everything was done perfectly.   Baffles, insulated fan vent hoses, consistent/level amount of insulation.  They cleaned up everything inside and out, don’t know they were here.  Professionals from start to finish.   I would hire them again in a second.

– Steve W.

November 19, 2019

Very honest business person.  I have had 1/2 dozen estimates from different companies.  All had varieties of recommendations. Rob quickly & accurately diagnosed the problem and offered cost-effective solutions. Surprisingly a number of them were options outside of Rob’s business.  He wants to see the right thing done.  He is a very knowledgeable & honest guy.  I highly recommend this company.

– Lynne C.

November 2, 2019

Had them install an attic fan, add insulation to my attic and install a bathroom fan.  They did an awesome job and cleaned up well after they were done.  I would highly recommend them for service as they were very knowledgeable and did quality work.

– Nathan G.

October 5, 2019