Clogged Gutters

When is the best time to clean out gutters?

If you have gutter screens installed, then fall is not a big threat.  Still, take time to inspect gutters before winter sets in. Make sure screens are secure and gutters are stable enough to withstand heavy ice and snow.

Now that the leaves are falling

If you live in an area with a lot of trees close to the property and you don’t have gutter screens installed to keep out leaves and debris, then you may need to manually clear gutters. How often you will need to clear the gutters will depend on how quickly they fill up. You will need to monitor gutters until the trees are bare.

Do It Yourself

If you are handy, climb up a ladder and scoop out the debris. While you are up there, inspect the gutters for missing or loose connections and mountings. Any loose or missing parts should be repaired right away.

Don’t forget to check downspouts.

You can test downspouts for blockages by hoisting a hose up to the gutter. Place the hose at the mouth of the downspout and watch to see that the water pours out quickly at the bottom.  If not, you will need to unclog the downspout.

There are a number of methods for clearing downspouts. Do a YouTube search, you will find a number of good options. If you have a powerful leaf blower, you can put it on the bottom mouth of the downspout, turn it one full power and it may dislodge the clog.  But beware, the debris will shoot up and out of the top, so some cleanup work will follow.

Hire A Professional or Handyman

Of course you can always hire a company to come out and do this for you. Either way, making sure your gutters are clear before winter is very important. Clogged gutters can lead to costly structural damage to your home and roof.