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Freezing Rain Can Lead To Ice Dams

While most ice dams are the result of snow melt that freezes at the gutter of a roof, ice dams can also occur when there isn’t snow. Freezing rain that sits on your roof can also lead to ice dams. And these ice dams can be less obvious than ice dams created by snow.

What Causes Ice Dams

A warm attic is the leading cause of ice dams. Heat from living spaces can rise into the attic. This heated air warms your roof causing snow or ice above to melt too rapidly. The melting water flows to gutters where it then freezes, blocking further drainage and causing what is commonly referred to as an “ice dam”.

If a winter storm that consists mostly of freezing rain hits your area, the freezing rain will settle on your roof. The freezing rain should remain frozen, melting slowly over time as temperatures rise. If you notice it melting rapidly you may have problems in your attic.

Freezing Rain In Our Forecast

Next week, based on today’s weather forecast, we are expecting mix precipitation and a few heavy days of freezing rain here in Chicagoland.

Frozen Gutters & Freezing Rain

If you notice ice (or snow) melting rapidly on your roof, we recommend you inspect all the gutters around your home before, during and after the storm. If you are noticing ice build-up that may block water drainage, you have a potential problem.

How to prevent ice dams from Freezing Rain & Snow

Keeping your attic cool through winter is the best, if not the only way to prevent ice dams. There are a number of reasons why your attic is warm in winter including, air leaks, poor insulation, or insufficient attic ventilation.

Don’t Put Off The Problem

If you know you have ice dams, don’t put the problem off.  By waiting, the damage will only get worse and more expensive to repair.

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