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Spring Attic Infestation

We all love spring – everything is blooming, birds are chirping, bunnies are bouncing across the yard. It’s breeding season! Unfortunately, it is also the peak season for attic infestations.

Are you hearing noises in the attic?

Have you noticed any odd noises coming from the attic lately? Perhaps tapping or scratching sounds? While animal activity in the attic happens most often at night, depending on the intruding species, critter activity may also occur during the day. Some homeowners with active infestations hear nothing at all.

Attic Nesting

Attic spaces are an ideal nesting environment for many creatures. It provides shelter from the harsh elements and due to the lack of activity in the attic, provides a safe private place for breeding.

Here in Illinois, the most common attic infestations include raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, birds, and even bats.

Attic Infestation Risks

Vermin may do significant damage to your roof, eave, or other structural components to gain access to your attic. Once inside, they will select a nesting area, often within the insulation material, complete with one or more latrine areas for droppings and urine.

Wild animals often carry dangerous diseases including Leptospirosis, Roundworm, and Rabies. They may also be infested with lice, fleas, mites and other insects.  Click here for more details on disease risks>

Leave it to the Professionals

Do not attempt to remove animals on your own. Nesting animals can be especially dangerous in an attempt to protect their offspring.

Once the intruders are identified and safely removed, your attic space will need to be decontaminated and thoroughly disinfected. Often decontamination costs are covered by your homeowner insurance. Check your policy or contact your insurance agent to be sure.

Attic Air

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