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Is Chicagoland Heading For The Hottest Summer On Record?

While Chicago reached a temperature that it hasn’t seen in nearly five years, snow was falling in parts of California and Nevada last week. The city’s high-temperature last Monday even outpaced well-known national and international hot spots like San Diego, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Mexico City, Acapulco and Rio de Janeiro, according to The Weather Channel.

Chicago hit a high of 95 degrees Monday, June 12, a temperature it hasn’t reached since Sept. 10, 2013. So far this year, the metro area has had four days in which the temperature exceeded 90 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. If this is any indication of the coming summer months, it could be the hottest summer on record for the Chicago Metro area.

Keeping Cool This Summer

Now is the time to deploy tactics to keep your home as cool as possible, starting early in the morning. While some of this may seem obvious, planning and deployment are key. First, be sure windows, window shutters, blinds, and drapes are closed early to deflect morning and afternoon heat. Run heat generating appliance in the evening when temps are cooler. Check your ceiling fans to ensure they are set on “summer” settings. Wear loose, cotton clothing that can help keep you cooler. A cool shower will keep you cooler longer. Consider cool meals, salads, bbq, or order in rather than indoor cooking on hot summer days. Finally, avoid doing heavy physical labor or aggressive outdoors workouts on very hot days.

Keeping Pets Cool

If you have a pet at home alone during the day, during hot summer months, be sure the air conditioner is on and set to at least 74 degrees. Make sure pets have plenty of water to drink during the day.

If you take your pets with you around town, never leave them alone in an unventilated car. In fact, during 90+ days, it is recommended you leave pets in an air conditioned home. If that is not possible, consider cooling pets down with a cool bath or a kiddy pool. Then keep them inside during the hottest portion of the day, ideally in the coolest area of your home.

Also, beware when walking pets on hot days as pavements can get extremely hot and cause injury to paw pads.

Keeping Costs Down

A hot summer often can equate to high cooling costs, but there are some ways you can cut costs dramatically. Attic heat buildup can warm living spaces and be causing your air conditioner to run longer in an effort to achieve target room temperatures. Running your system hard over time will lead to extra wear and tear, reducing the lifespan of the system, and will, of course, lead to hefty utility bills.

Attic Fans

An attic fan is an affordable way to reduce attic heat. An attic fan draws heat from your attic keeping your attic cooler, reducing the heat that otherwise will penetrate living spaces below.

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Wholehouse Fans

Another cost savings option is a whole house fan. A whole house fan can dramatically reduce cooling costs – up to 90% if used properly.

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