whole house fan diagram

What is a wholehouse fan?

A wholehouse fan draws outside air in through your screened windows and doors and blows it out through your attic vents. The result is a mild cooling breeze that can lower skin temperature by 2 to 8 degrees at a much lower cost than traditional air conditioning. Whole house fans also provide an excellent supplement to both window and central air conditioning solutions.

Great For Homes Without Air Conditioning

If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, a whole house fan is an affordable way to cool your home rapidly. A wholehouse fan is much easier to install compared to installing a central air conditioning system with far fewer limitations. And the cost to run the system is pennies on the dollar compared to air conditioning.

Window air conditioning units may cool a room, but often have to run all day during hot summer months to keep the room cool, cranking up your electric costs. A wholehouse fan can cool your entire home in minutes for far less cost. Why suffer another hot, humid summer?

Compliment Your Air Conditioner & Save Big

A whole house fan can be used if you have central air conditioning. By using the system in the evening and early in the morning, you can cool your home rapidly, then activate your air conditioner to maintain cool temperatures throughout the day. This could cut your summer cooling costs by as much as 90%.

Remove Odors – anytime

A whole house fan rapidly draws in fresh air to remove odors in the home from pets, cooking, smoke, and other activities. When correctly sized, a whole house fan will fully exchange the entire air volume of your home 15 to 20 times per hour, or every 3 to 4 minutes.


QuietCool Wholehouse fans can dramatically cut your summer cooling costs and dramatically improve the comfort of living spaces. The Trident & Stealth Pro-Series fans can rapidly (within minutes) remove heat build up in your home. This is especially helpful if your home is closed up during the day without air conditioning.

The Pro-Series fans are nothing like the old, loud wholehouse fans. These fans are energy efficient, and quiet as a whisper.

Attic Air is a Certified QuietCool Contractor. We offer both the Stealth and Trident Pro-series models from QuietCool.

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