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Spring –  It’s The Perfect Time To Inspect Your Attic

Spring is often the time homeowners conduct a deep house cleaning after the long winter months. It’s also a good time to inspect your attic. Nobody likes to go up to the attic but doing so at least once per year can uncover potential problems, that if caught early, can save you lots of money and headaches.

Attic inspections are recommended at least once per year.  A lot can happen in your attic over a long winter so spring is an ideal time to schedule an inspection.

Spring Attic Inspections

Did you know that a properly configured attic can reduce heating and cooling costs, and extend the life of your roof, and the longevity of your heating and cooling systems? It’s true!

A Properly Configured Attic

A properly configured attic includes:

Signs of Trouble – What To Look For

Attic problems are usually cumulative, that is they get worse over time.  Uncovering and addressing problems early on can save you money and headaches.

Here are some telltale signs of trouble in your attic:

1)     Moisture stains on drywall, ceilings, and walls adjacent to your attic

2)     The smell of mildew when you enter your attic

3)     Black stains on wood surfaces in your attic

4)     Rooms that heat slowly in winter and cool slowly in summer

5)     Damp, compressed, or contaminated insulation

These problems indicate a potentially serious problem that should be addressed.

Attic Air

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