Image of snow and thermometer in winter

HOW TO Harden Your Home Against Extreme Winter Weather

As winter brings brutal subzero temperatures, fierce winds, and heavy snowfall to the Chicago suburbs, homeowners are often confronted with problems less noticeable during mild winters. For example: certain rooms that may not warm quickly now fail to retain any heat even with the thermostat set high. This discomfort often stems from inadequate insulation, unsealed air gaps, or a combination of both.

Properly addressing the following can dramatically improve living space comfort while reducing utility costs during the coldest weeks of the year. Here are some Extreme Weather Hardening Tasks to Consider:

Attic Insulation and Ventilation

Balancing attic insulation and ventilation is key to maintaining indoor comfort and preventing issues like ice dams. Subzero temperatures can lead to ice dams forming along your roofline. A well-insulated and properly ventilated attic helps maintain even temperatures and reduces the risk of snowmelt and refreeze cycles.

Addressing Air Gaps

Beyond attic insulation, it’s essential to tackle air gaps in living spaces. Gaps around windows, doors, and fixtures can compromise insulation in walls and ceilings. Identifying and sealing these gaps beyond the attic ensures your home’s thermal envelope remains intact.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency:

Inadequate insulation and unsealed air gaps can significantly impact energy efficiency. When your heating system struggles to compensate for heat loss, it increases energy consumption and higher utility bills. Solutions that improve energy efficiency not only save you money but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Affordable solutions that quickly pay for themselves

You can enjoy a more comfortable and energy-efficient home during the harshest winter months by striking the right balance between insulation, ventilation, and addressing air gaps. The good news is, that these are affordable changes that can dramatically improve your home’s extreme weather hardening regardless of the age of your home.

Attic Air – Your Trusted Partner

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