Very professional. Prompt response, reasonable price, very competent service, shows up on time, excellent product line. Actually started out as a request to reduce humidity in attic. Robert came out and stated that one good solution is simply reduce the humidity in the house, but If I wanted I could install a fan. At that point he was really was recommending no action (no cost to me of course). About a year later we had a silverfish problem, and the exterminator indicated that they are in the attic and like moisture, so anything I can do to reduce moisture in the attic would help. As pests are not welcome in this house at all…..Called Robert back and arranged for an attic fan. He gave me a couple choices, indicating advantages (or not), and we went with it. Some delays from the manufacturer (probably covid related, as it has clobbered supply chains), but Robert kept me in the loop the entire time. I’d go back to Attic Air/Robert for any future work w/o bothering for other opinions. Thanks Robert!!!! The fan is really cool. Bluetooth connection. It has multiple settings (automatic and manual), measures temp and humidity. No more going into the attic to see if its still working. Yay!

– Arnie C.