The owner is like your next door neighbor – if you like them. Very friendly and professional. He has a great vibe to him. His workers just left my house. My back attic was insulated, plus turtle vents put on the roof. Also had my dryer and two bathroom duct work was redone. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and their friendly attitude. He showed me exactly what they were doing and how they did it. His estimate was under two others I had received. I like the professional attitude but not when it’s all business when they come into my home. Robert actually reminded me of my uncle. You won’t go wrong with him or his workers. Lil Alex and Jerry were the best. Their attitude was to come in do a professional job, but also held conversation and a few laughs. They did my insulation and cut the holes for the vents. Alex, yes another Alex, did the roof vent insulation. He was very professional and towards the end he cracked a smile. I can’t say enough about Attic Air. You won’t go wrong with them.

– Wendy R.