Attic Air is the best! Robert is trustworthy, professional, and meticulous. We got his name from our neighbors across the street who highly recommended him.

We had Attic Air install several roof vents and put insulation in our crawl space that was sorely needed. They also installed a motorized  exhaust fan on the roof to vent the crawl space when it hits a certain temp in the Summer. And, Robert was kind enough to set us up with a roof vent and proper connective tubing over our bathroom in anticipation of an exhaust fan we will be installing once we redo our bathroom. It’s all set up and ready.

The work was done in September, 2018. It looks great. We are properly vented and insulated. We have been so pleased with our heating bill over the Winter. The gas bill went down significantly! Cant wait to see our ComEd bill this Summer.

Fast forward 8 months later. Yesterday we noticed a small water spot on a our ceiling and left a message for Robert. It’s a holiday weekend and yet Robert came today, into the City from St. Charles to address the issue. He found the problem at one of the vents and replaced the vent, sealed it, and guaranteed the issue was solved. He showed us pictures and thoroughly explained what happened. It was a fluke of an issue involving a lose board in the crawl space.

We highly recommend Attic Air for their excellent customer service, their promptness, their attention to detail, reasonable cost, and quality work.  You will be very happy with them. We are! Wish more business were like this. – Carrot D.