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Don’t have air conditioning? Air conditioner not working? Maybe you just want to cut your utility bills. Here are some affordable ways to keep you home cool during the summer months.


Early morning air is cooler. Open up doors and windows that allow air to flow in and out. This will create cross ventilation and bring room temperatures down. After 30 minutes or so, close windows and doors to capture cooler air.  (Not advised if you or other occupants suffer from organic allergies)

2) Keep drapes and blinds closed during the day

After cooling your rooms in the morning, be sure to close drapes , blinds, and shutters to block sun light that can quickly heat up room temps.

3) Set your ceiling fan for summer rotation

For maximum cooling effect, make sure ceiling fans spin in the direction that pushes air down, rather than sucks it up. Most fans have a winter and summer setting on the housing.  Don’t leave fans on when the room is not occupied.  Heat can be generated from the fan motor if it is running continuously.

4) Reduce heat build-up in your attic

Heat can quickly build up in your attic as a result of the hot summer sun beating down on the roof. This heats up your attic air.  Heat from your attic can radiate down to living spaces below. Use roof vents or an attic fan to exhaust hot air from your attic preventing the hot air from penetrating into living spaces. Be sure your attic is adequately insulated. Good insulation will slow heat transfer from your attic down to living spaces.

5) Use a wholehouse fan

To quickly remove hot air from a home that does not have air conditioning, consider having a wholehouse fan installed. A properly sized wholehouse fan can quickly replace hot stagnant air in your home with cooler outside air, within minutes.  A whole house fan operates best with proper attic exhaust vents.  Prior to activating the fan, open up front, side, and back doors in the early morning and late evening when temperatures are lowest.  Then activate the fan.  It will pull in the cool air and allow hot air to exhaust through roof vents.

Wishing you a cool and relaxing summer!

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