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Attic Infestations

Attics are often overlooked spaces in our homes, but they can become prime targets for rodent infestations. These unwanted visitors pose serious risks, as they not only contaminate your attic, they can cause significant structural damage, an contaminate the air we breathe.

we will explore the dangers associated with rodent infestations in attics and emphasize the importance of timely and thorough attic decontamination. Attic Air, a reputable company serving the Chicago Metro area and its suburbs, specializes in professional attic decontamination services, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for homeowners.

The Dangers of Rodent Infestations in Attics

Rodents like mice, rats, and squirrels are prolific breeders and opportunistic pests. They seek shelter, warmth, and food sources, making attics an attractive nesting ground. Unfortunately, their presence in the attic can lead to several dangers:

Structural Damage

Rodents have sharp teeth that continuously grow. To prevent their teeth from overgrowing, they gnaw on various materials, including wooden beams, electrical wiring, and insulation. This gnawing behavior weakens the structural integrity of the attic, potentially causing electrical hazards and even fire.

Attic Contamination

Rodents leave droppings, urine, and dander in their wake. These biological contaminants can lead to the spread of diseases, trigger allergies, and contaminate the air in the entire house. Airborne particles from rodent droppings can be particularly dangerous when inhaled, causing respiratory issues and exacerbating existing health conditions.

Electrical Risks

As rodents chew on electrical wires, they pose a significant risk of short circuits and electrical malfunctions, increasing the chances of electrical fires. This poses a threat to the safety of residents and can result in costly repairs or even the loss of the entire property.

Attic Decontamination – A Vital Solution

When faced with a rodent infestation in the attic, it is crucial to take immediate action to minimize the risks to health and property. Attic decontamination is an essential step in restoring the attic to a safe and habitable condition. Here’s what should be done after contamination:

Professional Inspection

Contact a trusted attic decontamination company like Attic Air to conduct a thorough inspection of the attic. Their experienced professionals will identify the extent of the infestation, assess the damage caused, and determine the necessary steps for decontamination.

Rodent Removal

The first step in attic decontamination involves safely and humanely removing all rodents from the attic. Professionals will employ effective trapping methods, ensuring the removal of all pests to prevent further damage and contamination.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Once the rodents have been removed, the attic requires a comprehensive cleaning and sanitization process. This involves removing all rodent droppings, urine-soaked insulation, and other debris. Specialized equipment and techniques are employed to eliminate contaminants effectively and reduce the risk of airborne particles.

Insulation Replacement

In many cases, insulation in the attic may be extensively damaged or contaminated by rodents. Attic decontamination services, like those provided by Attic Air, include insulation replacement, ensuring that the attic is properly insulated, energy-efficient, and free from contaminants.

Preventative Measures

To prevent future infestations, professionals may recommend sealing potential entry points, such as gaps and cracks, to prevent rodents from re-entering the attic. This proactive approach helps maintain a rodent-free environment.

Attic infestations by rodents are a serious concern. Need help? Contact Attic Air at 630.830.3870 for a free attic assessment.